Jan 16, 2017
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Learning Outside the Classroom

The MAT is a member of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, a national body advocating for students to experience the world outside their classrooms as an essential part of learning and personal development.

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    Discovering history on the doorstep in Southampton
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    Learning recording techniques on the foreshore
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    Exploring history in situ
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    Visiting exciting locations like the SS Shieldhall
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    Learning outside: engaging, exciting and enhancing learning!

There are many benefits of Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC):

  • Learning can take place almost any time and anywhere: in school grounds, in the high street, at the beach, heritage sites, archives - the possibilities are endless! 
  • It encourages personal development by broadening horizons, developing resilience, teamwork and self-awareness, and promoting physical activity. 
  • It can provide a worthwhile and engaging experience for students who find learning inside the classroom a challenge, and provide new and otherwise inaccesible experiences for those from low socio-economic backgrounds.
  • It promotes an appreciation for the world, from nature and heritage to social issues and cultural awareness.
  • It's exciting! LOtC helps young people to cope with and experience a wide variety of challenges while learning in novel and engaging ways.

Explore our LOtC sessions:

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