Jan 16, 2017
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History On Your Doorstep

Studying local history brings the past to life in a very personal way. Rather than events occurring in a distant place and time, a familiar location can provide a meaningful bridge between the past and the present. 

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    Students in Southampton explore their local heritage.


Studying local history enables students to:

  • develop an understanding of how and why their local community has developed in the way that it has, and forge stronger links with that community,
  • compare and contrast history on a local level to a national and international one,
  • appreciate why the area in which they live is worth knowing about, and take pride in where they live,
  • more easily access heritage.

The format and content of the session will be bespoke to you and your area. 

Make a booking enquiry

To book a session focused on your local history, please get in touch by:

Email: education@maritimearchaeologytrust.org

Phone: 023 8023700 (8.30am - 4pm)

At the time of booking, please provide a few details of your local area, how many students would be involved, and whether you have any sites in mind.×